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    Sound Off on the Sounder Train

    by  • January 13, 2013 • General • 0 Comments

    From an October article in the Seattle Times: Too many empty seats on Sounder north line As commuter buses run standing-room-only on the freeway, the daily Sounder trains between Everett and Seattle are one-third full, serving a mere 1,125 passengers per weekday. Its popularity falls short of the 2,400 to 3,200 rides announced when elected […]

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    Your Chance to Be a Port Gardner Neighborhood Officer!

    by  • April 17, 2012 • General • 0 Comments

    At next month’s neighborhood meeting we will be electing Neighborhood Executive Board Officers for the upcoming year (June 2012 to May 2013). We need volunteers to run for these positions, and there is still time for you to step up. Giant Hewitt Man Wants YOU. If you’re wondering what each Officer does, you’re in luck! […]

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